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Randy & Kay Hayes remembers KEITH WHITLEY.

Randy (cosmos) Hayes, and his wife Kay were both very close to Keith. Randy spent a number of years in KEITHs band, Miami. I am so glad that Randy and Kay decided to contribute to this page. It means alot to me, and ALL the KEITH WHITLEY fans everywhere. Below are personal pictures from their collection. By Clicking on Kay below, you can read her thoughts, and by clicking on Randy & Keiths picture, you can read Randys thoughts. I think all fans will appreciate it.

Kathi Whitley. Keiths 1st wife.

This is a picture of Keith and his 1st wife, Kathi.

Kay & Keith

Keith & Randy

This picture is worth a thousand words. As you look at this picture, you can see the love that they both have for each other. This is definitely BROTHERLY LOVE.

Randy and Kay has shared their memories with of KEITHs fans.

Randy and Kay are subscribers of my Keith Whitley mailing list, and posts messages and talks to the fans often. If you are interested in talking with Randy or Kay, you can subscribe below.

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(above) Troy Elder, "Puddin" Conkel (Troys Mom), Kay and Randy Hayes at the premiere of Dwight Whitleys video "The Legend and The Man."