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The Whitley Family.

please wait for all images to load. They do take a large part of time but they will load and you will not be disapointed.

(above) FAYE WHITLEY,The mom of Keith,Dwight,Randy, and Mary Whitley.

(above) Dwight Whitley, brother of Keith. Dwight has recorded a tribute album to Keith and Randy Whitley titled "Brotherly Love", and is currently finishing up his latest project of GREAT material.

(above) Dwight with Troy's lil girl LYRIC. This was her FIRST concert, and she has loved hearing Dwight ever since. *please note* The man behind Dwight is his personal assistant and friend, The great JIM DUNLAP, who is also on the Keith Whitley mailing list.

(above) Flo Whitley (Dwights wife), Troy's mom, and Troy at the video premiere party of Dwights video "The Legend and The Man". The champagne was GREAT!

(above) Flo Whitley (wife of Dwight Whitley) and Mike Whitley, their son. This photo was taken at Fan Fair a few years ago in front of Billy Ray Cyrus's booth "REDNECK HEAVEN". Billys wife Tish, was there that day and was a real true sweetheart, and very down-home.

(above) MIKE WHITLEY, son of Dwight Whitley.

(above) Troy, Flo Whitley, Ken Mellons, and Mike Whitley.

(above) Mike Whitley and myself at Fan Fair, in front of the TRAVIS TRITT booth.

(above) Dwight and Flos oldest son, JOHN WHITLEY and Troy (Elder). I am working on getting a better scan of this picture.