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Keith Whitleys poem for his parents.

The poem below was written years ago, and although it may not be the best of his writings, It does show how he felt about his family.

As you travel down life's short road
You'll make many friends to lighten your load.
Some will stick with you thru thick and thru thin
Others only but when you can help them.

Some you can tell your deepest troubles to
And it semms they always know just what to do.
But friends of this kind there are but few
And if I never meet another I know I've got two.

I've been so much luckier than people I've met
And as long as I live I'll never forget.
For when I was young with so much to learn
To my dear Dad and Mother I always could turn.

Mom was never too busy to sit by the Hi-Fi
And copy down words to the records I'd buy.
And when I played baseball out in the backyard
Dad always played with me tho I knew he was tired.

Mom taught me to sing when I was a small fry
Dad got me the best of guitars money could buy.