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Saint Joseph Church

Many people ask where keiths services were when he died. I have chosen a few pictures that I have of the church to share with all the fans. The church is located in Madison Tn just outside of Nashville near the late Opry Land.

Friday May 1
2, 1989
St. Joseph Church,
Madison, Tenn.
11:30 A.M
Father Kibby said and I bet you thought Keith Whitley was the first to sing I'm no stranger to the rain Yes from the very beginning Christians have never been strangers to the rain at one time or another, all of us could describe our lives as Terrible Storms, at one time or another we have all known what it is like to have our lives pushed and shoved and knocked about by powers we can not control We all have our fears and we have had those Moments when our Boats began to take on water Keith is at peace now and its up to all of us to find our own peace let us put this cloud behind us because thats how God designed us to ride the Wind and Dance in a hurricane, The Story of Jesus and the Story of Keith remind us that indeed we are no Strangers to the Rain We are called to be its Conquerors...I think Keith would ask us to look into our lives, into the Storms of our lives and search for Stillness by Awakening the Presence of God who is with us I Think he would ask us to Beg, Steal or Borrow, do whatever we must do to Come into the SunShine to get the clouds behind us, To Bring our Lives out of the Darkness and into the LIGHT .....