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The Credits!!!

There are people that need some credit with all their help and contribution to this site. The list below isnt done in any specific order of importance, as they have ALL contributed a great deal.

First of all, Credit goes to YOU, THE FANS! Without all your continued love and support of Keith Whitley and his music, this page wouldn't be needed and wouldn't exist. Thanks to ALL the fans who have visited this site and have left nothing but very nice compliments about the site and all the great suggestions.

Eve Morris, She is the backbone of this site. She has given me endless advise and has spent alot of her time as well working on this site. Without her, this site wouldn't look anything close to what it looks like today.

The WHITLEY Family, for all their encouragement. They have donated many of the pictures and fully support this project. Most of all, I want to thank them for all their Love in me, and for taking me in as one of the family. I Love Y'all!

Dave Beach, he scanned alot of the pictures that you see on this site, before I had a real computer. I am very grateful for his contribution.

Last , but by no means least, My Family! They have supprted this project from Day One, even though it has taken away from alot of "family time", they have realized how much this site means to me, and for that, ALL OF MY LOVE, goes out to them.