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Flo Whitley Remembers Keith.

Flo Whitley is the sister-in-law of Keith. She is married to Keiths brother Dwight. Below are some of her memories of Keith.

My first memories of KEITH are of an eight year old who just like any boy of that age, would ride his bicycle til dusk, loved to go swimming, fishing or just romp with his little dog, Jakie. Dwight and I has just started dating but I saw KEITH almost every weekend. The thing I remember most about him was even at that young age, he had such a gusto for life and had few idle moments. Sometimes in his quieter moments, he could be found in the garage playing and singing a song he had decided to learn. Even as a youngster, KEITH wasn't a morning person. Each precious day had been lived to the fullest and his body just wasn't ready to wake up and get going. He almost always had to be prompted to get up and get ready for school.

When KEITH was 10 or 11, his favorite television show was "The Glen Campbell Hour". He knew all of Glens songs by heart. By the age of 12, he became interested in bluegrass music. Dwight and I lived in Ohio and just came home for the weekends. One weekend, Dwight brought a Stanley Brothers album home to KEITH. By the time we came home the next weekend, he had learned all the songs on he album and was ready for another. This continued until he had learned every Stanley Brothers tune available on record.

I have memories of a very special day that Dwight and I, and our boys spent with KEITH. It was just after KEITH had moved to Nashville and was struggling to get his career started that he came home for a visit. KEITH, his wife (Kathi), and their cocker spaniel, Tate, came to our house and we spent most of the day hiking through the woods. We probably walked 6 or 8 miles. Tate and KEITH took turns chasing each other over hillsides and down into hollows. I dont ever remember KEITH having a better time. We just romped, talked and ran until we were exhausted. I suppose it was really a relief from a struggling career. Later in the day, we went home starved and ate pinto beans, corn bread, fried potatoes, sauerkraut and weiners, and of course, onions. KEITH loved onions better than anyone I have ever known (besides his dad Elmer and Dwight).

Many write or speak of KEITH, expressing their thoughtsabout his vivacious personality and tremendous talent and yet that he somehow seemed to have a quality of fraility. I accept and recognize this, But at the same time know that this was something that wasnt always a part of KEITH'S personality. I suppose life and the way he coped with it, was responsible. As tragic as it is, his fraility is one of the characteristics that endeared him to an audience. Perhaps his ability to express his weakness in song, helped each of us to recognize and accept our own weaknesses.

The country music world, his friends, family, and I will always remember and love KEITH WHITLEY.

Flo Whitley.