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Jack McFadden remembers Keith Whitley.

Jack McFadden was Keiths personal manager. Keith looked at Jack as a 2nd father of sorts. Jack passed away in June of 1998. Below, Jack talks a little about Keith.

I have managed many artists in my career such as Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lorrie Morgan, and Skip Ewing. Keith Whitley was not only the greatest singer and entertainer I have ever seen, he was also one of the greatest human beings. In almost every occassion Keith and I did business, it was alot of fun and fulfilling. Keith was the type of person you really wanted to go the extra mile for. I think about him almost everyday and about the things that could have been if he were still here with us. I go see Keith alot and still feel a close communication with him. The five years I spent working with Keith has left me a sense of accomplishment. Every man, woman, and child that never had the privilage of meeting Keith, really missed something. Hopefully, Jesse Keith or Mike will be able to keep the Whitley legacy going forever.

Best wishes to everyone,

Jack McFadden
Personal Manager of Keith Whitley.