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Johnna Lydick's poem.

You came to us from the state of Kentucky
A small town they call Sandy Hook
You sang your way into our hearts
One couldnt help but love you
Then came that day when you left this world
And now Keith, things will never be the same

You left behind not only a family who loves you so
You've left all us fans here too
What I would give to have been able to meet you
If only for just one time
I feel like my hearts been torn in two

I remember the day when I heard the news
I just knew it couldnt be true
I had listened to you sing "Im no stranger to the rain"
Then a voice came across the airwaves that said "That was the late Keith Whitley"
I will never forget how I felt the moment I heard those words

There's a concert they hold here in the hills
How I wish it had been sooner
I went knowing that it wouldnt be the same without you there
We sang to the flag high above us as she waved
And then we asked that there be a moment of silence
A moment to remember someone that we all loved so dear

Then as your voice began to echo through the hills
And the tears slowly falling down my face
I looked at those who were gathered around me
And it was easy to see that you had not only touched my heart
But they had been touched by you also

There is no doubt that you were heaven bound
So as you look down upon us
Know that not a day goes by that you are not missed
And still so dearly loved
By all of those you have left behind

How joyous the heavens will be when the day comes
That all who have been touched by you
Will be able to be with you again
And hear your angelic voice as it rings throughout the heavens
So Keith, if you're still wondering do we think of you.....