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Mary Whitley remembers her brother Keith.

Below is a letter that Mary wrote to Keith after he passed away.

Dear Keith,
May 9,1989, you were booked for the great concert you were ever requested to give. God requested you sing for him and his angels. How honored you must have been to do this concert. I wish I could have ridden there with you on the new bus. How the gold letters in "KEITH WHITLEY" must have shined as you rode through the gates of Heaven. Did you see Daddy and Randy in the audience at first, or when they stood to lead the standing ovation you got? I'm sure you are rested now and relieved that you dont have such a hectic schedule to meet anymore. God takes such good care of his stars.

But Keith, with all you have there, we still miss you so very much and didnt want you to take this trip. As I relive the agonizing pain of your leaving, I relive the joy of your birth. We were so proud of you. I knew from the beginning you were a gift from God, and destined to be his star. The blue eyes, the heart warming smile made all your fans love you so very much. The deep, throaty voice showed such love and emotion.

How well you hid your disease from your fans, but God knew when you had suffered enough and we didnt. I just wish I could have held you in my arms and told you how much I love you one more time before you left.

Mom, Dwight, and I have tried to be so strong and deal with your trip as another appointment you had to keep, but it has been so hard on us.

Thanks for giving me Ferrell to take care of me. He loved you so much too. I'm looking forward to our next reunion.

-Your Sis,