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Mike Chamberlain remembers KEITH!

Mike was Keiths bass player for a few years.

"This next young man has the distinct honor of being claimed by two states. Ohio claims he's from Kentucky and Kentucky swears up and down he's from Ohio! Make welcome, on the bass guitar, big Mike Chamberlain".

Every single day, that introduction runs through my mind, because that is how KEITH introduced me almost every show. His southern drawl made it sound like "Big Mac". During autograph sessions, some fans even asked for "Big Macs" autograph. KEITH thought that was so funny. He loved any kind of fun. As a matter of fact, he was probably the most practical joker I have ever met. He had the greatest sense of humor I have ever known.

The one vivid night I remember with KEITH , we were in San Diego, California at a club, following a ACM officers meeting with several of the officers in the crowd. Jack McFadden and Merle Kilgore were some who had come to experience a "KEITH WHITLEY" concert. The monitor console was on stage behind me and I had control of the sound on stage. There was one big bright light aimed directly at KEITH's head, which caused such a bright beam of light, all I could see was KEITH's silhouette. He had just combed his hair before he came on stage and a few hairs had hung in his beard. During the lead ride,, KEITH turned around and asked me to turn up his guitar in his monitor. Because of the bright light I could not see his face and because of the volume on stage, I could not hear him. I really did not know that he had said anything. I hollored at him, "You got hair all in your beard". At the same time I swatted to get the hair, he stepped forward to hear what I had said and I flat handed him across the face. I hit him so hard I knocked him out of the light. The look on his face was hysterical. As he walked back to the microphone to finish the last song, he got tickled and forgot the song. He set his guitar down and went to the bus. I finished playing and went to the bus and he was bent over double, red faced and laughing so hard, I thought he would fall. When he gained his composure he said "I have had alot of things happen to me on stage, but that was the greatest". He talked about that for months.

Working for KEITH was the greatest experience I have ever known. He had the memory of an elephant (as the saying goes). Never forgot any of your friends or family, or who played what character on any TV sitcom. I think about him everyday and what a great friend he was. In my opinion, he was one of the greatest Country singers in history. So great, He's probably teaching the angels in heaven how to curl a note. When I get to heaven, I want to play bass for the same angel I played for on earth, KEITH WHITLEY!!!

I miss you little buddy,

Mike Chamberlain