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Mike Whitley Remembers his Uncle KEITH!

My name is Michael Keith Whitley. I am the son of Dwight and Flo Whitley and the nephew of the 'Legendary KEITH WHITLEY'.

I remember my Uncle KEITH, not so much as a star, just as the fun loving uncle he really was. The greatest memories are of the time when Uncle KEITH, my cousins Bobby and Nathan, and myself would go out for a game of 'round ball' as he called it. Occasionally the whole family would get together for a baseball game. Uncle KEITH always liked to win and usually he did. Then he would lean back and almost roll over laughing.

There was a couple of times I got the opportunity to go out on the road with him and his band. I guess being a musician myself, he wanted me to get a taste of the road. Once he surprised me with one of his electric guitars and later told me he had another one he wanted to give me, but his untimely death prevented him from doing so. It was really nice when Lorrie gave it to me anyway. I recall her saying something like 'Your Uncle KEITH would've wanted you to play this guitar proudly'.

In November of 1988, I had a bad fall while repelling from a cliff. I suffered a broken back and a badly broken leg. Occasionally Uncle KEITH would call me from the road and cheer me up. He would tell me the whole band was praying for me and that when I got better he wanted me to go back out on the road with him again. He always said 'Keep playing that guitar and one of these days, I'll give you a job'. I only wish that could have happened.

In my eyes, KEITH WHITLEY is the greatest thing that ever happened to Country Music. His music will never be forgotten. Those of us who knew and loved him will never forget the love and devotion he gave to all.

We Love You Uncle KEITH,

Michael Keith Whitley